Reasoning Quiz on Syllogism for NICL & BOB exams

Dear readers,

We are presenting you a English quiz on fill in the blanks, which helps in your preparation. Please try to give your answer in the comment section, soon we will publish the correct answer.  

Directions (1-5): Study the
following information and answer the given questions that follow. You have to
take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from
commonly known facts. Read all the conclusion and then decide which of the
given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding
commonly known facts.

Give Answer

(1) Only Conclusion I follows

(2) Only Conclusion II follows

(3) If either I or II follows

(4) If neither I nor II follows

(5) Both I & II follow

For Qs 1 & 2

Statement: Some squares are
circles. No circle is a triangle. No line is a square.

1. Conclusion: I. All square can never be triangles.

II. Some lines are circles.

2. Conclusion: I. No triangle is a square.

II. No line is a circle.

For Qs 3 & 4

Statements: All songs are poems. All poems
are rhymes. No rhymes are a paragraph.

3. Conclusion: I. No song is a paragraph

II. No poem is a paragraph.

4. Conclusion: I. All rhymes are poems.

II. All songs are rhymes.

5. Statements: Some dews are drops. All drops are stones.

Conclusion: I. Atleast some dews are stones.

II. Atleast some stones are drops.


Qs. 1 (1)

Qs 2 (4)

Qs 3 (5)

Qs 4 (2)

Qs 5 (5)