Reasoning Quiz on Statement & Assumptions for Upcoming Exams

Dear readers,

We are presenting you a quiz on Statement & Assumptions which will be helpful in your preparation. In Banking and Insurance exams three or five questions are generally asked in Reasoning section. So do solve the quiz and try to give your answers in comment section, soon we will publish the correct answers. 

Directions (1-5): In the questions below is given a statement
followed by a two assumptions numbered I & II. An assumptions is something supposed
or taken granted. You have to consider the statement and the following
assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer

(1) If only assumptions I

(2) If only assumptions II

(3) If either assumptions I or II

(4) If neither assumptions I nor
II implicit.

(5) If both assumptions I &
II implicit.

1. Statement: The leader of the main opposition party
asserted that the call for Chakka jam turned out to be great success in the
entire state.

Assumptions: I. The people in future will support the
main party.

II. People probably are convinced
about the reason behind the chakka jam strike call.

2. Statement: Government aided schools should have
uniformity in charging various fees.

Assumptions: I. The government’s subsidy comes from the
money by way of taxes from people.

II. The Government while giving
subsidy may have stipulated certain uniform condition regarding fees.

3. Statement: Advertise the following slogan if you want
to increase the sale – ” Buy the X – TV: The neighbour’s envy, the owner’s

Assumptions: I. Catchy slogans appeal to people.

II. People need enviable TV sets.

4. Statement: “The end of financial year is the ideal time
to take a look at the performance of various companies.”

Assumptions: I. All the companies take such a review at
the end of the financial year.

II. The performance data of
various companies is available.

5. Statement: The two countries have signed a fragile
pact, but the vital sovereignty issue remains unresolved.

Assumptions: I. The two countries cannot have permanent
peace pact.

II. The two countries may become
hostile again after a short spell of time.

6. Pointing a photograph of a girl, Ranjan said “She
has no sister or daughters but her mother is the only daughter of my mother.”
How is the girl in the photograph related with Ranjan’s mother?

(1) Sister – in – law


(3) Daughter – in – law

(4) Cannot be determined

(5) None of these

7. Bablu ranked sixteenth from the top and
twenty – ninth from the bottom among those who passed examination. Sis boy did
not participate in the competition and five failed in the examination. How many
boys are there in that class?

(1) 44                           (2) 40

(3) 50                           (4) 55

(5) None of these

Directions (8-10): Study the following letter – number arrangement
and answer the questions given below.

B 8 4 C R M 9 N P D K W F A 2 E J
7 X U Q H L T Y 6 G S

8. If the first half of the above arrangement is
written in reverse order followed by the second half written in reverse order, which
letter/number will be eighteenth from the left?

(1) 7                              (2) Y

(3) K                             (4) C
(5) None of these

9. Which of the following will come in place of
the question mark (?) in the following sequence with reference to the above

BRC    8MR  
49M   ?

(1) 9KD                       (2) 9KW

(3) CN9                        (4) RPN

(5) None of these

10. If every alternate letter/number is dropped
in the above arrangement, beginning with dropping ‘4’ as first number to be
dropped, which of the following will be third to the right of the fifth
letter/number from left?

(1) A                             (2) W

(3) 2                              (4) K

(5) None of these


1 (2)

2 (2)

3 (1)

4 (5)

5 (2)

6 (2)

7 (4) The
number of boys who passed are (16 + 29) – 1 = 44

6 boys did not participate, 5
boys failed.

So now, total number of boys in the class is
= 44 + 6 + 5 = 55

8 (2)

9 (3)

10 (1)

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