Reasoning Quiz on Seating Arrangement For NICL & BOB Exams

Dear readers,

The quiz on seating arrangement, provided here, will help you prepare for the upcoming exams. Please try to give answers in the comment box; soon we will publish the correct answers

Directions (1-7) Study the following information carefully
and answer the questions that follow

Eight people namely A, B, C, D,
E, F, G and H are sitting in a straight line from East to West. Some are facing
North direction and some are facing South direction.

H sits to the third left of C and
faces South. F is sitting at the one end of the extreme ends and is facing
North. B and G are facing in same direction and person sitting between them is
facing opposite direction. A is sitting third from left end and is facing South
direction. A is sitting adjacent to E and both are facing in opposite
direction. D is sitting to the immediate right of B and both are facing in same
direction. C is facing in North direction. A and D are not neighbours.
Neighbours of H are facing in same direction which is opposite to the direction
of H is facing. E sits to the right of A.

1. Who is sitting between A and H?

(1) F

(2) E

(3) G

(4) B

(5) None of these

2. Which of the following pairs has the person
facing the same direction?

(1) E, A

(2) G, H

(3) A, G

(4) H, D

(5) B, D

3. How many persons are facing in North

(1) 2

(2) 3

(3) 4

(4) 5

(5) 6

4. Who is sitting third from the eastern end of
the arrangement?

(1) E

(2) G

(3) B

(4) C

(5) None of these

5. How many persons are sitting between E and B?

(1) 2

(2) 3

(3) 4

(4) 5

(5) 6

6. Which one of the following is correct?

(1) A sits between G and B

(2) D sits to the second left of H

(3) H and B are facing same direction

(4) Person sitting to the left of A faces
same direction

(5) All of the above

7. Who sits 3rd to the left of A?

(1) B

(2) D

(3) H

(4) G

(5) None of these


1 (3) G

2 (5) B, D

3 (5) 6

4 (3) B

5 (2) 3

6 (2) D sits to the second left of H

7 (1) B

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