Reasoning Quiz on Coding; Decoding & Assumption

Dear readers,

We are presenting you a quiz on

Coding; Decoding & Assumption

which will be helpful in your preparation. In Banking and Insurance exams three or five questions are generally asked in Reasoning section. So do solve the quiz and try to give your answers in comment section, soon we will publish the correct answers. 

Directions (1-3): Study the following information and answer
the following questions.

In a certain code language the “lop
eop aop fop” means “Traders are above laws” “fop cop bop gop” means “Developers
were above profitable” ‘aop bop uop qop’ means “Developers stopped following
traders” ‘cop jop eop uop’ means “Following maps were laws”.

1. “Developers are following laws” would be
correctly written as:

(1) ‘bop cop uop eop’

(2) ‘lop bop eop uop’

(3) ‘oup cop lop aop’

(4) ‘gop cop uop qop’

(5) None of these

2. ‘qop gop cop eop’ would be correctly mean:

(1) profitable laws were stopped

(2) developers stopped following laws

(3) traders were above profitable

(4) were laws profitable traders

(5) None of the above

3. ‘aop qop bop’ would correctly mean:

(1) following were above

(2) traders stopped developers

(3) developers are laws

(4) traders above stopped

(5) laws are stopped

4. The increase in the number of newspaper
articles exposed as fabrications serves to bolster the contention that
publishers are more interested in printing the truth. Even minor publications
have staff to check such obvious fraud.

Which of the following may be the assumption of the given argument?

(1) Newspaper stories exposed as fabrication are
a recent phenomenon

(2) Everything a newspaper print must be
factually verifiable

(3) Fact checking is more comprehensive for
minor publications that for major ones

(4) The publishes of newspapers are the
people who decide what to print in the newspapers

(5) None of the above

5. The rate of violent crime in this state is
upto 30% from the last year. The fault lies entirely in our system of justice.
Recently our judge’s sentences have been so lenient that criminals can now do
almost anything without fear of a long prison term.

The argument above would be weakened if it were true that:

(1) 85% of the other states in the nation
have lower crime rates than does this state

(2) white – collar crime in this state has
also increased by over 25% in the last year

(3) 35% of the police in this state have been
laid off in the last year due to budget cuts

(4) polls show that 65% of the population in
this state opposes capital punishment

(5) None of the above


Codes are given as follows:

1. were – cop

2. above – fop

3. laws – eop

4. Developers – bop

5. follow – uop

6. maps – jop

7. traders – aop

8. stopped – qop

9. profitable – gop

10. are – lop

Ans 1  (2)- “Developers
are following laws” would be written as – ‘lop
bop eop uop’

Ans 2 (1) – ‘qop gop cop eop’ would be correctly mean: “profitable
laws were stopped”

Ans 3 (2) ‘aop qop bop’ correctly mean: “traders
stopped developers”

Ans 4 (2) The exposed article must be verified.

Ans 5 (3) Thus the increase in the crime rate has been
contributed by the other factors, not leniency in the punishment.