Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming Exams

Dear readers,

The quiz provided here, will help in your upcoming exams. Please try to give answer in the comment box, soon we will post the correct answers.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully to
answer the given questions.

Seven officers L, M, N, P, Q, R,
and S work in three different shifts I, II, & III with at least two people
working in each shift. Each one of them has a different weekly off from Monday
to Sunday not necessarily in the same order.

M works in second shift only with
R whose weekly off is on Friday. Q’s weekly off is on the next day of L’s
weekly off and both of them work in different shifts. P works in third shift
and his weekly off is on Saturday. S has a weekly off on Monday and he works in
first shift. The one who has a weekly off on Sunday works in first shift. L
& P do not work in same shift, L’s weekly off is on Tuesday.

1. Whose weekly off falls on Thursday?

(1) L                              (2)
N                     (3) Q

(4) cannot be determined                   (5) None of these

2. Which of the following combinations of shift,
person and weekly off is definitely correct?

(1) II, M, Sunday

(2) III, N, Sunday

(3) II, P, Sunday

(4) I, L, Tuesday

(5) None of these

3. Whose weekly off is on Sunday?

(1) L                              (2)
M                    (3) N

(4) Q                             (5)
None of these

4. On which day is Q’s weekly off?

(1) Tuesday                               (2)

(3) Sunday                                 (4)
Cannot be determined

(5) None of these

5. Which of the following group of officers
works in Shift I?

(1) L, N, S

(2) L, S

(3) N, S

(4) L, P, Q

(5) None of these

6. How many meaning word can be made from the
letters ADEL using each letter only

(1) None                     (2)

(3) Two                       (4)

(5) More than three

7. How many such pairs of letters are there in
the word ‘ADVERTISE’ , each of which
has many letters between them in the word, as they have in English alphabet?

(1) None                     (2)
One                                (3) Two

(4) Three                    (5)
None of these

8. If in the word CUSTOMIZE all the consonants
are replaced by the previous letter and all the vowels are replaced by the next
letters in English alphabet and then all the letters are arranged alphabetically
from left to right, which letter will be fourth from right?

(1) R                             (2)
T                     (3)

(4) M                            (5)
None of these


1 (5)  

2 (4)

3 (3)

4 (2)

5 (1)


7 (2)

8 (1)