Reasoning Quiz for Banking entrance exams

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from various Banking
entrance exams held during the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in
the comments section below and we’ll soon let you know the correct answers!

Directions (Q. 1-5):  Study the following information to answer the
given questions:

In a certain code,

‘always create new ideas’ is written as ‘ba ri sha gi’,

‘ideas and new thoughts’ is written as ‘fa gi ma ri’,

‘create thoughts and insights’ is written as ‘ma jo ba fa’

‘new and better solutions’ is written as ‘ki ri to fa’

1.  What is the
code for ‘ideas’ ?

(a) sha          
(b) ba             (c) gi             (d) ma           (e) Cannot be determined

2.  What does
‘fa’ stand for?

(a) thoughts              (b) insights               (c) new             (d) and                 (e) solutions

3.  ‘fa lo ba’
could be a code for which of the following?

(a) thoughts and action           (b) create and innovate       (c) ideas and thoughts          (d) create new solutions          (e) always better ideas

4.  What is the
code for ‘new’?

(a) ki           
(b) ri              (c) to            (d) fa           (e) ba

5.  Which of the
following may represent ‘insights always better’ ?

(a) jo ki to              (b) ki to ri             (c) sha jo ri       (d) to sha jo       (e) sha to ba

6.  What is the
code for ‘thoughts’ ?

(a) ma          
(b) fa           (c) ba               (d) jo 
               (e) either jo or fa

7.  Pratap
correctly remembers that his mother’s birthday is before twenty third April but
after Nineteenth April, whereas his sister correctly remembers that their
mother’s birthday is not on or after twenty second April. On which day in April
is definitely their mother’s birthday?


(a) Twentieth             (b) Twenty first             (c) Twentieth or twenty first           (d) Cannot be determined         (e) None of these

8. If ‘/’ means ‘+’; ‘-‘ means ‘*’; ‘*’ means ‘/’ and
‘+’ means ‘-‘; then ________

15 – 8 * 6 / 12 + 4 = ?

(a) 20          
(b) 28             (c) 8(4/7)              (d) 2(2/3)           (e) None of these

9.  Town D is
towards east of town F. Town B is towards north of town D. Town H is towards
south of town B. Towards which direction is town H from town F?

(a) East           
(b) South-East            (c)
North-East           (d) Data inadequate            (e) None of these

10.  How many
such pairs of letters are there in the word SEARCHES each of which has as many
letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?

(a) None             
(b) One              (c) Two              (d) Three             (e) More than three

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2(b)    3(c)    4(a)   
5(d)      6(c)     7(b)     
8(c)     9(d)      10(a)    

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