RBI interview

interview experience–
date-15th Jan,2015



Interview Medium-Hindi(I think I am more comfortable with Hindi,I wrote phase-2 also in Hindi)

Today total 14 candidates were there and I was the last to be interviewed.

Panel-Sardarji as chairperson and 4 other male members and one female member(I think I have seen her in loksabha channel debate videos,don’t know her name)

They asked about hobbies(tt,badminton,writing poems,once made a short movie);two ques on computer science which I couldn’t tell-metadata and bigdata in data structure(Graduation- Btech in Computer Science);why i want to be an ias (i wrote on biodata that i left my job for preparation of civil services) then why do you want to join RBI,will RBI not be hurdle in achieving your goal of civil services,some simple economy questions-what is growth rate of india,is it ok or low,what should be growth rate according to you,what will happen by good growth rate;Has faculty quality been diluted in IITs(I graduated from one of the new IITs)

thats all..

overall I think it was a nice experience.I would rate my performance from avg to avg+.Be real and be original and prepare graduation,work experience,hobbies,why RBI etc well if you are not from banking sector.