Random thoughts..

You are making the biggest mistake of your life. You are going to destroy your career‘. These were the words my manager told me when I told him I want to quit my job and prepare for CAT. I hated my job and CAT seemed the only way out. Anyways I quit my job. I prepared for 6 months, got locked inside my room for hours. After endless mocks and study session came the day I was looking forward to.

I was greeted by a blank screen for an hour. Pictures flashed before me, how I quit my job, life if I fail to crack CAT, life if I make it to an IIM. I remember shivering as I pressed the button to start the screen. Looked at the screen for a minute or so.. yes it has begun , I told myself. I remember trying to stop myself from panicking.. trying to keep my sweaty hand dry.. I remember how scared I was after section 1 got over.. I have lost it , I thought, better skip the next part.. I took few deep breaths.. forced myself to go through the puzzle.

Next , I was able to solve all the puzzles in 15 mins.. wow ! I started enjoying CAT.. Finished it on a high note.. I have done better than all my mocks but will it be good enough? What followed were the most torturous 3 months of my life. I anxiety for results, the fear of failure, inability to focus on other exams..

Finally, it was 14th of Jan. I promised myself not to check my results unless I get a Call from an IIM, I cheated myself.. finally entered my details and looked at the results.. I can never explain what I felt when I saw the number of 9s in my percentile.. will it be any good ? Then followed interview calls from several IIMs.. Interviews were about to start in 4 weeks.. I went through anything and everything for interviews..

I enjoyed all the interviews but most memorable was interview of IIM A.. I kept pinching myself just to make sure that its happening.. My dream institute.. So near yet so far.. The interview and the conversation I had with profs will always be cherished ..

Then came April which began with disappointment, I was WL for IIM B.. while every other guy I knew who appeared for the interview got through.. After few more days came result of IIM A.. I jumped from my bed at 9am.. googled IIM A half asleep.. entered my details.. I couldn’t believe what I saw.. I got through IIM A.. I had imagined this moment hundreds of times in past. But this moment wasn’t like any of them.. I was blank.. I couldn’t feel anything..

Took my days for the feeling to sink in. Yes I am a WIMWIan now.. but I am still emotionless about it.. A little scared to be honest.

But now I feel something whenever I think about my admit. Admiration for every aspirant who appears for CAT , for everyone who has a purpose in his life..

Now I realise, admit from IIM Ahmedabad has made me humble . The journey from a someone who quit his job to someone who is successful(thats what people call me) has made me realise that just getting an admit doesn’t make me special, It’s about how many lives I will change later on that will define me..

And miles to go before I sleep.. and miles to go before I sleep..