Rajasthan RBSE Class 10th Syllabus 2020

Rajasthan State board has published the new syllabus for the class 10th exam which will be conducted in the month of March 2020. The students can check out the syllabus on the official website of Rajasthan Board. The students are requested to check the detailed syllabus which has been uploaded online.

The students who are supposed to attend the exam next year should take a look at this syllabus as it could help them prioritize the subjects they need to study first and the ones that they need to study later on. It is also recommended that the students download the syllabus from the official website link which is given above and use it for further references.

The students who have any sort of doubts regarding the syllabus can clear it out at either their school or can contact the official website of Rajasthan. The result will be out by May 2020

The exam will be conducted by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer. The total score for each subject is 100 marks. The time allotted for each subject is 3 hours. There is no negative marking in the exam.

Class 10th English Syllabus 2020:

  • Reading: 2 unseen passages will be given. One will be of 150 words and the other for 200 words, and each will contain four or five questions on comprehension and the rest two question on vocabulary. This will be for 14 marks
  • Writing: letter writing, one formal and one informal, email writing, composition. A total of 14 marks included.
  • Grammar: tense, clauses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, modals. A total of 15 marks included
  • Prose: 2 extracts from the prose lessons in the textbook. A total of 14 marks included
  • Poetry: poetry from textbook asked an based on that questions will be asked worth 9 marks.
  • Supplementary reader: questions worth 10 marks will be asked

Class 10th Maths Syllabus 2020:

  • Vedic maths: 4 marks
  • Number system: 3 marks
  • Algebra: 12 marks
  • Trigonometry: 11 marks
  • Coordinate geometry: 6 marks
  • Mensuration: 10 marks
  • Statistics and probability:10 marks
  • Road safety education: 4 marks

Class 10th science syllabus:

  • Chemical reactions and equation
  • Acid bases and salts
  • Metals and non-metals
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Periodic classification of elements
  • Life processes, control and coordination
  • How organisms reproduce
  • Heredity and evolution

Class 10th Social Sciences syllabus 2020:

  • Nationalism in Europe
  • Nationalist movement in Indo-china
  • Nationalism in India
  • Urbanization and urban lives
  • Trade and globalization

Class 10th Information Technology Syllabus 2020:

  • Functional English
  • Web applications
  • Web processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Digital presentation
  • Email messaging
  • Database development

The benefits of class 10th syllabus 2020:

There are some of the advantages as to why the exam might become a bit simpler due to the syllabus:

  1. Students get to know the syllabus while they study around the year.
  2. The students will get to know which chapter are important and which are not
  3. The students also get the list of marks which makes them even more prepared for the exam.

For further information about the breakdown of marks, the students can refer the official website link given above.

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