Question paper analysis by experts from GateForum; Computer Science Engineering, GATE 2017

GATE 2017 Computer Science Engineering topic wise exam analysis

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee successfully conducted the afternoon session, from 2pm to 5pm, of Computer Science Engineering of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). The Computer Science Engineering exam is being conducted in two sessions, and the second slot analysis are here. Below is a question paper analysis for session one of CSE of GATE 2017 by experts from GateForum.

GATE 2017: Question paper analysis for Computer Science Engineering by GateForum

Section 1 mark 2 mark No of Ques
Engineering Mathematics 2 4 6

Discrete Mathematics
3 1 4

Digital logic
3 2 5

Computer Organization
0 3 3

Theory of Computation
3 2 6

Programming & Data   Structures
4 5 9

1 3 4
Complier Design 2 1 3
Operating Systems 2 3 5
DBMS 2 3 5
Computer Networks 3 2 5
Verbal Ability 3 2 5
Numerical Ability 2 3 5

Type of questions asked from each section of GATE 2017


Discrete   Mathematics
Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Digital   logic
Logic Expression Minimization, Number System, Floating Points, Sequential   Circuits

Computer Organization
Memory, Instruction Pipelining

Theory of Computation
Undecidability,  Regular Language   and Regular Expression,             Finite   State Machine

Programming & Data Structures
Programming in C, BST, Queues, Linked Lists

Time Complexity, Greedy Method
Complier Design Language Processing & Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis (LR Parsing)
Operating Systems Process & CPU Scheduling, Deadlock
DBMS Structured Query Language, File Structuring & Indexing, Functional   Dependency, Transaction Management & Concurrency Protocols
Computer Networks Network Layer(Ipv4),  Data Link   Layer (Hamming Code),                 Propagation Delay

Comments on GATE 2017 Computer Science Engineering session 2 by GateForum

  • CSE paper I has more MCQ questions and theoretical type.
  • Compared to last year, in Discrete Mathematics weightage has come down while it is increased in Engineering Mathematics.
  • In remaining topics IIT Roorkee has followed almost the same weightage compared to last year.
  • In general the overall difficulty level of the paper is  Easy than last year.