Queen – Not In India

Last night I saw this movie Queen, a fun entertainer, done more for feminist movement and women’s empowerment (Mr. Rahul Gandhi you should watch it). It is a story of a girl name Rani who comes from a conservative family except her grandmother. She is simple and seeks her parents and fiance’ permission to take any decision in her life. Her life is limited to her family and one friend. She don’t have much high expectations, she wants to get married and wants the ceremony to go well. She is excited about her honeymoon. Her fiance’ dumps her thinking she is not modern enough and he will feel awkward with her. To get over the pain and to start a new life Rani decides to go to her honeymoon destination alone (Paris and Amsterdam). There she meets with different people who helps her to know that life is more than getting married. She meets Spanish-Indian girl VijayLaxmi and three boys of different nationalities. She starts exploring the world and is free to do anything without anyone questioning her. She also wins a cooking contest as expected and breaking the shackles she experiences her first lip lock. Meanwhile her ex sees her pictures and wants to get back, but this time she is strong and rejects him without any remorse and also thanks him which was brilliant (tight slap to the guy).

But I am not writing this to tell the story of the movie. My question is why one need to go out of India to explore himself/herself. Why Indian society don’t give time, space and freedom to individual to live their own life. Why there is always someone to judge and why we care their judgement. Not only for women even for boys there are set of rules which they have to follow. From the day of birth to the day of death there is someone to judge. Why can’t we enjoy our life. Is life is limited to being an engineer, doctor or having a MBA degree. Are we here to follow the rules made by the society?? If yes, then it is not worth it. Girls are forced to live certain life to be a daughter, sister, mother, wife and much more. Boys success is measured by what he is in life, what position he have in the society. Working whole day and thinking about the future, is this what we expect from life?? For whom we are working?? Is it for ourself, or our family or for the company?? No one cares only society cares, because there is always someone to ask “beta kya kar rahe ho?? kaun si company mai ho??” Quota is another hindrance to achieve one’s goal. Dear Indian Government, it doesn’t mean if someone belongs to general category then he have got all the facilities/ He/she still have to work hard to achieve things. So for some caste based votes don’t ruin India’s talent.

Its my kind appeal to the society to break the shackles and let everyone live their own life. This is also the solution to rape cases, caste and religion politics and many more issues. Connect with yourself and do whatever you want.

Saari umar hum mar mar ke ji liye, ek pal toh humein jeene do… jeene do…