Quantitative Quiz for Upcoming Exams

Dear readers,

The quiz provided here, will help in your upcoming exams. Please try to give answer in the comment box, soon we will post the correct answers.

1. Seventy
five percent of Arjun’s annual salary is equal to eighty percent of Karan’s
annual salary. Karan’ monthly salary is sixty percent of Bheem’s monthly
salary. If Bheem’s annual salary is Rs. 9 lacs, what is Arjun’s monthly salary?
(At some places annual income and in some place monthly income are given)

(1) Rs. 7.68 lacs         (2) Rs. 56,000    (3) Rs. 8.4 lacs  

(4) Rs. 48,000          (5) None of these

2. A 240
metre long train moving with an average speed of 144 km/hr. crosses a platform
in 15 seconds. A man crosses the same the same platform in 5 minutes. What is
the speed of man in metre/second?

(1) 1.8 metre/second                          

(2) 1.2 metre/second

(3) 1.5 metre/ second

(4) Cannot be determined                 

(5) None of these

3.  The ratio between the three angles of a
quadrilateral is 2 : 3 : 4 respectively . 
The value of the fourth angle of the quadrilateral is 45°. What is the
sum of the largest and the smallest angles of the quadrilateral?

(1) 165°                     (2) 150°                               (3)

(4) 155°                     (5) None of these

4. The
sum of five consecutive even numbers of set – A is 240. What is the sum of
different set of five consecutive odd numbers whose lowest number is 71 less
than  double the lowest number of set-A ?

(1) 95                          (2) 135                                 (3)

(4) 115                       (5) None of these

5. Train-A
crosses a stationary train B in 15 seconds and a pole in 10 seconds with the
same speed. The length of the train-A is 250 metres. What is the length of the
stationary train-B?

(1) 125 metres                        (2) 120 metres    (3) 160 metres

(4) Cannot be determined     (5) None of these

6. In a
test, minimum passing percentage for girls and boys is 35% a n d  40% 
respectively. A boy scored 155 marks and failed by 20 marks. How many
more marks did a girl require to pass in the test if she scored 135 marks?

(1) 85                          (2) 95                    (3)

(4) 75                          (5) None of these

Direction (7-11): The following questions are accompanied by two
statements I and II. You have to determine which statement is/are sufficient to
answer the question. Mark ans:

(1) If statement I alone is sufficient to
answer the question but statement II alone is not sufficient to answer the

(2) If statement II alone is sufficient to
answer the question but statement I alone is not sufficient to answer the

(3) If either statement I or II is independently
sufficient to answer the question.

(4) If neither statement I nor II is
sufficient to answer the question.

(5) If both the statements I and II are
together sufficient to answer the question.

7. In how many days will six boys complete a work?

I.  Six boys and three men together complete the
work in six days.

II. Eight
boys complete the same work in twelve days.

8. What will be Munnu’s age after 6 years?

I. The ratio
between Chunnu’s and Munnu’s present age is 7 : 5 respectively.

II. Chunnu
is six years older than Munnu.

9. What is the average speed of a car?

I. Average
speed of the car is double the average speed of a truck whereas the average
speed of a bus is 30 km/hr.

II. Average
speed of the truck is thrice the average speed of the bus whose speed is 30 km/hr.

10. What is the simple interest accrued on a principal of Rs. 25000 in
six years?

I. The rate
of the simple interest for the first three years is 4 p.c.p.a.?

II. The rate
of simple interest for the next three years is 6 p.c.p.a.?

11. What is the total cost of 6 kgs of apples and 5 kgs of mangoes?

I. Cost of 3
kgs of apples is Rs. 180 and one kg of mangoes is Rs. 70.

II. The
total cost of 12 kgs of apples and 10 kgs of mangoes is Rs. 1420.