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This quiz consists of questions from
various past actual SNAP papers. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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1. There are 6 balls of different colours and 3 boxes
of different sizes. Each box can hold all the 6 balls. The balls are put in the
boxes so that no box remains empty. The number of ways in which this can be
done is:

(a) 534              (b) 543                    (c) 540                     (d) 528

2. On a railway there are ten (10) stations. The
number of types of tickets required in order that it may be possible to book a
passenger from every station to every other is?

a. 10! / 2!                       b. 10! 2!                    c. 10! / 8!                  d. 10! / 8! 2!

3. The number of ways in which the letters of the word
“ARGUMENT” can be arranged so that only consonants occurs at both the ends is:

(a) 3!*5! (b) 14400 (c) 41000 (d) none of these

4. If the sum of 6 consecutive odd integers is 888,
then the median of this series is

(a) 147                  (b) 148                    (c) 149                     (d) 151

5. A fair coin is tossed 5 times and comes up heads
four times out of five. If the coin is tossed a sixth time under the same
conditions, the probability of it turning up heads is?

(a) 80%                 (b) 125%                (c) 50%                     (d) 20%

6. If T is the sum of z consecutive
integers, then T must be even if z is a multiple of

(a) 5                        (b) 4                        (c) 3                            (d) 2

7. Jai Kumar invested Rs.1,00,000 in stocks
of pharmaceutical companies three years ago. The value of his stocks rose by
10% in the first year, then rose by 5% in the second year and fell by 10% in
the third year. What is the value of his stocks today?

(a) Rs.1,00,350          (b) Rs.1,03,500            (c) Rs.1,03,950               (d) Rs.1,27,050

8. During the testing of a drug, the results were
found to be 85% positive in the 1st phase of 100 tests and 55% positive in the
2nd phase of tests. If the overall results were 75% positive, what was the
total number of tests conducted in the 1st and 2nd phases?

(a) 160               (b) 156                   (c) 150                    (d) 220       

9. Mohit was 24 years old when his son Akshit was
born. If Mohit is now 3 times as old as Akshit, how many years ago was he 4
times as old as Akshit?

(a) 4                   (b) 6                         (c) 8                         (d) 12

10. An hour after Ashish started from his college
towards Tanvi’s home, a distance of 53 km, Tanvi started from her home on the
same road towards Ashish’s college. If Ashish’s speed was 4 km per hour and
Tanvi’s was 3 km per hour, how many kilometres from Tanvi’s home did the two

(a) 24                 (b) 22                        (c) 21                      (d) 19.5

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