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Two motorists Anil and Sunil are practicing with two different sports cars:
Ferrari and Maclaren, on the circular racing track, for the car racing
tournament to be held next month. Both Anil and Sunil start from the same point
on the circular track. Anil completes one round of the track in 1 minute and
Sunil takes 2 minutes to complete a round. While Anil maintains same speed for
all the rounds, Sunil halves his speed after the completion of each round. How
many times Anil and Sunil will meet between the 6th round and 9th round of
Sunil (6th and 9th round is excluded)? Assume that the speed of Sunil remains
steady throughout each round and changes only after the completion of that

A. 260              B.
347              C. 382              D. None of the above

2. The number of distinct
terms in the expansion of 30(X + Y + Z + W)^30 are:

A. 4060            B.
5456            C. 27405          D. 46376

3. A card is drawn at random
from a well shuffled pack of 52 cards.

X: The card drawn is black or
a king

Y: The card drawn is a club
or a heart or a jack.

Z: The card drawn is an ace
or a diamond or a queen.

Then which of the following
is correct?

A. P(X) > P(Y) > P(Z)

B. P(X) >= P(Y) = P(Z)

C. P(X) = P(Y) > P(Z)

D. P(X) = P(Y) = P(Z)

Aditya, Vedus and Yuvraj alone can do a job in 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks
respectively. They work together for 2 weeks. Then Aditya leaves the job. Vedus
leaves the job a week earlier to the completion of the work. The job would be
completed in:

A. 4 weeks                   B.
5 weeks                   C. 7 weeks                   D. None of the above.

In 2006, Ravindra was allotted 650 shares of Sun Systems Ltd in the initial
public offer, at the face value of Rs.10 per share. In 2007, Sun Systems
declared a bonus at the rate of 3:13. In 2008, the company again declared the
bonus at the rate of 2:4. In 2009,the company declared a dividend of 12.5%. How
much dividend does Ravindra get in 2009 as the percentage of his initial

A. 24.5%          B.
23.9%          C. 24.1%          D. 23%

Kartik’s mother asked him to get the vegetables, milk and butter from the
market and gave him the money in the denomination of 1 Rupee, 2 Rupee and 5
Rupee coins. Kartik first goes to the grocery shop to buy vegetables. At the
grocery shop he gives half of his 5 Rupee coins and in return receives the same
number of 1 Rupee coins. Next he goes to a dairy shop to buy milk and butter
and gives all 2 Rupee coins and in return gets thirty 5 Rupee coins which
increases the number of 5 Rupee coins to 75% more than the original number. If
the number of 1 Rupee coins now is 50, the number of 1 Rupee and 5 Rupee coins
originally were:

A. 10, 60                      B.
10, 70                      C. 10, 80                      D. None of the above.

Sukriti and Saloni are athletes. Sukriti covers a distance of 1 km in 5 minutes
and 50 seconds, while Saloni covers the same distance in 6 minutes and 4
seconds. If both of them start together and run at uniform speed, by what
distance will Sukriti win a 5 km mini marathon:

A. 150 m          B.
200 m          C. 175 m          D. 225 m.

Cylindrical overhead tank is filled by two pumps – P1 and P2. P1 can fill the
tank in 8 hours while P2 can fill the tank in 12 hours. There is a pipe P3
which can empty the tank in 8 hours. Both the pumps are opened simultaneously.
The supervisor of the tank, before going out on a work, sets a timer to open P3
when the tank is half filled so that tank is exactly filled up by the time he
is back. Due to technical fault P3 opens when the tank is one third filled. If
the supervisor comes back as per the plan what percent of the tank is still

A. 25% tank

B. 12% tank

C. 10% tank

D. None of the above

A ping pong ball is dropped from a 45 meters high multi-storey building. The
ball bounces back three fifth of the distance each time before coming to rest.
The total distance traversed by the ball is:

A. 150m           B.
180m           C. 175m           D. None of the above

A petrol tank at a filling station has a capacity of 400 litres. The attendant
sells 40 litres of petrol from the tank to one customer and then replenishes it
with kerosene oil. This process is repeated with six customers. What quantity
of pure petrol will the seventh customer get when he purchases 40 litres of

A. 20.50 litres

B. 21.25 litres

C. 24.75 litres

D. 22.40 litres

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1(c)    2(b)    
3(c)    4(a)     5(d)    
6(d)   7(b)    8(c)    
9(b)    10(b)   

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