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1. A spiral is made up of 13
successive semicircles, with center alternately at A and B, starting with
center at A. The radii of semicircles, thus developed, are 0.5 cm, 1.0 cm, 1.5
cm, and 2.0 cm and so on. The total length of the spiral is:

A. 144 cm                    B.
143 cm                    C. 147 cm                    D. None of the above

The mean salary in ICM Ltd. was Rs. 1500, and the standard deviation was Rs.
400. A year later each employee got a Rs. 100 raise. After another year each
employee’s salary (including the above mentioned raise) was increased by 20%.
The standard deviation of the current salary is:

A. 460                          B.
480                          C. 580                          D. None of the above

A medical clinic tests blood for certain disease from which approximately one
person in a hundred suffers. People come to the clinic in group of 50. The
operator of the clinic wonders whether he can increase the efficiency of the
testing procedure by conducting pooled tests. In the pooled test, the operator
would pool the 50 blood samples and test them altogether. If the pooled test
was negative, he could pronounce the whole group healthy. If not, he could then
test each person’s blood individually. The expected number of tests the
operator will have to perform if he pools the blood samples are:

A. 47                B.
25                C. 21                D. None of the above

The game of “chuck-a-luck” is played at carnivals in some parts of Europe. Its
rules are as follows: if you pick a number from 1 to 6 and the operator rolls
three dice. If the number you picked comes up on all three dice, the operator
pays you .3; if it comes up on two dice, you are paid .2;  and if it comes up on just one die, you are
paid .1. Only if the number you picked does not come up at all, you pay the
operator .1. The probability that you will win money playing in this game is:

A. 0.52             B.
0.753           C. 0.42             D. None of the above

5. The number of ways in
which a mixed double tennis game can be arranged amongst 9 married couples if
no husband and wife play in the same game is:

A. 1514            B.
1512            C. 3024            D. None of the above

A ladder 25 meters long is placed against a wall with its foot 7 meters away
from the foot of the wall. How far should the foot be drawn out so that the top
of the ladder may come down by half the distance of the total distance if the
foot is drawn out?

A. 6 meters

B. 8 meters

C. 8.75 meters

D. None of the above

A boat goes 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 hours. In 13 hours, it
can go 40 km upstream and 55 km downstream. The speed of the boat in still
water is:

A. 3 km/hour

B. 4 km/hour

C. 8 km/hour

D. None of the above

8. A pole has to be erected
on the boundary of a circular park of diameter 13 meters is such a way that the
difference of its distances from two diametrically opposite fixed gates A and B
on the boundary is 7 meters. The distance of the pole from one of the gates is:

A. 8 meters

B. 8.25 meters

C. 5 meters

D. None of the above

While packing for a business trip Mr. Debashis has packed 3 pairs of shoes, 4
pants, 3 half-pants, 6 shirts, 3 sweater and 2 jackets. The outfit is defined
as consisting of a pair of shoes, a choice of “lower wear” (either a pant or a
half-pant), a choice of “upper wear” (it could be a shirt or a sweater or both)
and finally he may or may not choose to wear a jacket. How many different
outfits are possible?

A. 567              B.
1821            C. 743              D. None of the above

10. If three positive real
numbers a, b and c (c > a) are in Harmonic Progression, then Log (a c) Log
(a 2b c) + + − + is equal to:

A. 2 log (c – b)

B. 2 log (c – c)

C. 2 log (c – a)

D. Log a + Log b + Log c

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1(b)    2(b)    
3(c)    4(c)     5(b)    
6(b)   7(c)    8(c)    
9(d)    10(c)   

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