Quantitative Aptitude and Data sufficiency Quiz for MBA entrance exams

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. The average marks of a student in 10 papers are 80.
If the highest and the lowest scores are not considered, the average is 81. If
his highest score is 92, find the lowest?

a. 55                      b. 60                         c. 62                    d.  Cannot be determined

Direction for questions 2 to 4: Answer the
questions based on the following information. A survey of 200 people in a
community who watched at least one of the three channels – BBC, CNN and DD –
showed that 80% of the people watched DD, 22% watched BBC, and 15% watched CNN.

2. What is the maximum percentage of people who can
watch all the three channels?

b. 8.5%                     c.
15%                   d. Data

3. If 5% of people watched DD and CNN, 10% watched DD
and BBC, then what percentage of people watched BBC and CNN only?

b. 5%                         c.
8.5%                 d. Cannot be

4. Referring to the previous question, what percentage
of people watched all the three channels?

b. 0%                         c.
8.5%                  d. Cannot be

5. A man earns x% on the first Rs. 2,000 and y% on the
rest of his income. If he earns Rs. 700 from income of Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 900
from if his income is Rs. 5,000, find x%.

a.20%             b. 15%                       c. 25%                   d. None of these

6. P, Q and R are three consecutive odd
numbers in ascending order. If the value of three times P is 3 less than two
times R, find the value of R.

a. 5                  b. 7                           c. 9                            d. 11

7. Fresh grapes contain 80% water while dry
grapes contain 20% water. What is the weight of dry grapes obtained from 50 kg
fresh grapes?

a. 10 kg              b. 12.5 kg              c. 2.4 kg              d. None of these

8. A and B are two positive integers such that AB = 48.
Which of the following cannot be the value of A + B?

a. 49               b. 26                     c. 18                       d. 16    

Direction for questions 9 and 10: Answer the questions
based on the following information.

A thief, after committing the burglary, started
fleeing at 12 noon, at a speed of 60 km/hr. He was then chased by a policeman
X. X started the chase, 15 min after the thief had started, at a speed of 65

9. At what time did X catch the thief?

a. 3.30 p.m.        
 b. 3 p.m.            c. 3.15 p.m.                d. None of these

10. If another policeman had started the same chase
along with X, but at a speed of 60 km/hr, then how far behind was he when X
caught the thief?

a. 18.75 km           b. 15 km            c. 21 km                     d. 37.5 km

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