Quantitative Aptitude and Data sufficiency Quiz for CAT, XAT

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from
various past actual Cat papers. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments
section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. A man has 9 friends: 4 boys and 5 girls. In how
many ways can he invite them, if there have to be exactly 3 girls that should
be invited?

a. 320          b.
160            c. 80             d. 200

2. In a watch, the minute hand crosses the hour hand
for the third time exactly after every 3 hr 18 min and 15 s of watch time. What
is the time gained or lost by this watch in one day?

a. 14 min 10 s lost             b. 13 min 50 s lost            c. 13 min 20 s gained            d. 14 min 40 s gained

3. I sold two watches for Rs. 300 each, one at the
loss of 10% and the other at the profit of 10%. What is the percentage of
loss(-) or profit(+) that resulted from the transaction?

a. (+)10           b. (-)1            c. (+)1               d. (-)10

Direction for questions 4 to 10: Each
question is followed by two statements, I and II. Mark the answer as

a. if the question cannot be answered even
with the help of both the statements taken together.

b. if the question can be  answered by any one of the two statements.

c. if each statement alone is sufficient to
answer the question, but not the other one (e.g. statement I alone is required
to answer the question, but not statement II and vice versa).

d. if both statements I and II together are
needed to answer the question.

4. What is the ratio of the two liquids A and B in the
mixture finally, if these two liquids kept in three vessels are mixed together?
(The containers are of equal volume.)

I. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in the first and
second vessel is 3 : 5, 2 : 3 respectively.

II. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in vessel 3 is 4
: 3.

5. What is the cost price of the article?

I. After selling the article, a loss of 25% on cost
price is incurred.

II. The selling price is three-fourths of the cost

6. What is the selling price of the article?

I. The profit on sales is 20%.

II. The profit on each unit is 25% and the cost price
is Rs. 250.

7. How many different triangles can be formed?

I. There are 16 coplanar, straight lines.

II. No two lines are parallel.

8. What is the total worth of Lakhiram’s assets?

I. A compound interest at 10% on his assets, followed
by a tax of 4% on the interest, fetches him Rs. 1,500 this year.

II. The interest is compounded once every four months.

9. How old is Sachin in 1997?

I. Sachin is 11 years younger than Anil whose age will
be a prime number in 1998.

II. Anil’s age was a prime number in 1996.

10. What is the number of type-2 widgets produced, if
the total number of widgets produced is 20,000?

I. If the production of type-1 widgets increases by
10% and that of type-2 decreases by 6%, the total production remains the same.

II. The ratio in which type-1 and type-2 widgets are
produced is 2 : 1.


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