Quantitative Ability Quiz for XAT

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This quiz consists of questions from past
XAT actual papers. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments section below
and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. Let X be a four-digit positive integer such that the unit digit of X is
prime and the product of all digits of X is also prime. How many such integers
are possible? 

(1) 4                 (2) 8                 (3) 12               (4)
24               (5)
None of the above 

2. There are two types of employees in Sun Metals, general graduates and
engineers. 40% of the employees in Sun Metals are general graduates, and 75% of
the engineers earn more than Rs. 5 lakh/year. If 50% of the organisation’s
employees earn more than Rs. 5 lakh/year, what proportion of the general
graduates employed by the organisation earn Rs. 5 lakh or less? 

(1) 3/5             (2) 3/4             (3) 1/2             (4)
2/5             (5)
None of the above

3. Two poles of height 2 meters and 3 meters, are 5 meters apart. The
height of the point of intersection of the lines joining the top of each poles
to the foot of the opposite pole is,

 (1) 1.2 meters

(2) 1.0 meters 

(3) 5.0 meters 

(4) 3.0 meters

(5) None of the above 

4. A manufacturer has 200 litres of acid solution which has 15% acid
content. How many litres of acid solution with 30% acid content may be added so
that acid content in the resulting mixture will be more than 20% but less than

(1) More than 100 litres but less than 300 litres

(2) More than 120 litres but less than 400 litres

(3) More than 100 litres but less than 400 litres

(4) More than 120 litres but less than 300 litres

(5) None of the above 

5. The supervisor of a packaging unit of a milk plant is being pressurised
to finish the job closer to the distribution time, thus giving the production
staff more leeway to cater to last minute demand. He has the option of running
the unit at normal speed or at 110% of normal-“fast speed”. He estimates that
he will be able to run a t the higher speed 60% of time. The packet is twice as
likely to be damaged at the higher speed which would mean temporarily stopping
the process. If a packet on a randomly selected packaging runs has probability
of 0.112 of damage, what is the probability that the packet will not be damaged
at normal speed? 

(1) 0.81            (2) 0.93            (3) 0.75            (4)
0.60             (5) None of the above

6. Amarendra and Dharmendra are brothers. One day they start at the same
time from their home for Tatanagar railway station in their respective cars.
Amarendra took 25 minutes to reach the station. After reaching the station
Amarendra found that Dharmendra is 2500 m away from the station. The distance
of Tatanagar Station from their home is 15 km. Next day Dharmendra decided to
start 7 minutes early. If they drive at the speed same as the previous day then
Amarendra will reach the station 

(1) 120 seconds earlier than Dharmendra 

(2) 120 seconds later than Dharmendra

(3) 300 seconds earlier than Dharmendra 

(4) 300 seconds later than Dharmendra

(5) at the same time with Dharmendra 

7. In a clock having a circular scale of twelve hours, when time changes
from 7:45 A.M. to 7:47 A.M., by how many degrees the angle formed by the hour
hand and minute hand changes? 

(1) 10                (2) 11               (3) 12                (4) 15              (5) None of these

Directions for questions 8 and 9:

Books and More sells books, music CDs and film DVDs. In December 2009, they
earned 40% profit in music CDs and 25% profit in books. Music CDs contributed
35% towards their total sales in rupees. At the same time total sales in rupees
from books is 50% more than that of music CDs. 

8. If Books and More have earned 20% profit overall, then in film DVDs they

(1) 15.2% profit

(2) 10.0% profit 

(3) 10.0% loss 

(4) 16.3% loss 

(5) 23.4% loss 

9. If Books and More made 50% loss in film DVDs, then overall they

(1) 12.3% profit

(2) 8. 7% profit 

(3) 0.4% loss 

(4) 6.25% loss 

(5) 20% loss

10. If all letters of the word “CHCJL” be arranged in an English
dictionary, what will be the 50th word? 

(1) HCCLJ  

(2) LCCHJ 


(4) JHCLC  

(5) None of the above 

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1(1)    2(5)    
3(1)    4(3)     5(2)     6(2)  
7(2)    8(5)     9(2)