Pros and cons of cigarette smoking

The title reads pros and cons of cigarette smoking and I can bet that 90% people would be interested in the pros. Well, here is the bad news for all those people. Cigarette smoking has very few pros against its myriad cons. If pros of smoking are taken as a bucket full of water then the cons can be taken as the whole ocean. Lets look at the bucket first for exploring ocean is going to take quite some time.

Cigarette contains a chemical called nicotine. In less than ten seconds of your first puff, nicotine reaches your brain where it stimulates and releases chemical messengers like epinephrine and dopamine. These chemical messengers allows you to relax andcalm. They also sharpens your brain and increases youralertness. This is of course when nicotine is taken in minute proportion. Take it in higher proportion and it has its own list of cons. Nicotine is said to increase your blood pressure and heart rate. So the only pro element in a cigarette has its own cons too.

Having found the pros lets look at the cons of cigarette smoking.

1) Smoking increases risk of tuberculosis

2) Causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

3) Causes asthama

4) CANCERIt causes lung, throat, mouth, nasal cavity, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bladder, cervix, larynx (voice box) and lip cancer.

5) Smokers are likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

6) Causes Erective dysfunction (a problem with the erection (Guys you seriously don’t want this, do you? ? ))

7) Causes arthritis

8) Cigarette smoke Weakens bones

9) Increases risk of heart attack

10) Chest pain occurs

11) Cataract and optic nerve damage done by smoking may lead to blindness

12) Muscular pain

13) Joint pain

Every one knows that cigarettes are injurious and still most people keep smoking. Those who intend to quit but are not able to is because nicotine is highly addictive (more than heroin and cocaine). But there is a whole lot of people who are adamant and doesn’t want to quit. The most common argument they make is that they know someone who has been smoking for years (20, 30 or say 50 years) and still haven’t got a single disease. This acts as their inspiration. But as hard work doesn’t guarantee success but improves its chances, smoking doesn’t guarantee disease but improves its chances. Its intelligent to comprehend that cigarette smoking is noxious to health.