Promises and media role

Elections in 4 states and the rule of Delhi’s Razia Sultana comes to an end. End of an era and much relief to those people who were tired of listening about terrorist activities and AK-47.Finally a new AK has become the star of all news channels for some good reasons.But even after a month I don’t think people will feel any difference. Many problems are yet to be sorted and the main issue of security of citizens still remains unhandled. Situations in Delhi still forbid it from becoming a Ram Rajya. Crime is still rising like our inflation rate and now it seems that the security promises done by Arvind Kejriwal (AK) were nothing more than Mugeri lal’s dream.For a change,the media has come forward to support a politician and so called aam aadmi by showing that Delhi police doesn’t listen to ministers.Delhi is Union Territory so DP reports home ministry and that’s why AK is helpless.

These things were never said and shown on news channels when Shila Dixit was looking helpless infront of Delhi police. And our dear Kejriwal who showed people so many dreams will easily get sympathy of people which was never the case with shila.

I just hope media instead of favoring AAP and Kejriwal, focus on the promises made by Kejriwal and reminds him that though police is not in his control but according to his promise he was supposed to make a special task force to keep Delhi safe and crime free.