Prof. Prachi Sharma’s insights on Global Languages at SPJIMR GMP


Education is the key to a society’s growth and development!

The American philosopher and educator John Dewey (1859-1952) said: “Social progress is dependent upon educational progress”.

As such the future of our society and our nation is determined by the quality of its institutions. And this quality is what I see in SPJIMR.

To actually contribute to the society,  one needs some sort of special knowledge or skill. And SPJIMR gives an excellent opportunity to the students to master these skills. The educational environment in the institute exposes them to multiple and varied subjects from economics to math, dance to behavioral skills. And one such subject is foreign languages.

Considering that everything starts with a dialogue, the ability to communicate effectively in an international language becomes especially important. Without mastering of another language, one can’t communicate with other people around the world today. In reality acquiring proficiency in foreign languages is a precondition for realizing economic Globalization.

In this endeavor, I, at the German Department at SPJIMR constantly think about how to encourage and inspire students. As I understand, my interaction with students is actually the interaction with global future in true sense.



Prof. Prachi Sharma

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