Pre-stress stress: Stress before the actual stress

Once I was done with my final Diploma in engineering examinations, I thought I could just relax for a couple of months until the result is were out. However, as soon as I walked out of my college after giving my last exam paper, I saw my friends outside the college gathered together at one corner. They were all were busy discussing how tough the exam  is going to be, especially the subject Maths.

But my friends were not the only ones who were stressing about the subjects of the Degree course, I have myself heard from a lot of people such as my seniors, classmates and also from some students from other colleges that you usually get an ATKT in Maths while pursuing the Degree course because the subject is too complex.

Sadly, we live in a society where, we believe more in rumours and less in reality. I am not sure whether what I heard was a complete rumour or a fact because it’s not necessary that every person will perform a particular task in a similar manner. Every person has a different level of capability to do things.

My point of writing this article is that we shouldn’t believe and predict the result of things that are yet to happen. This only results in taking unnecessary stress about things that are yet to happen. Hence taking stress about such things may somehow affect your health. So better be safe than sorry. Instead of ruining your holidays by taking stress about the higher studies, start studying in your holidays itself, slowly but steadily.