Power and its’ applications

Power is the rate at which energy is supplied or gained by a system of body/bodies. Power of a system can be expressed in two ways

Average Power

Instantaneous Power.

Average Power: It is defined for a given period of time as the ratio of total work done by a system to

the total time taken in doing the work. For a rigid body the work done will be change in its kinetic energy

and for a conservative force field it is equal to its change in potential energy as we already discussed


Instantaneous Power: It is the rate at which energy is supplied or gained at an instant of time in the

process of energy transfer. Mathematically it can be expressed as time derivative of work done or that

of kinetic energy in case of a rigid body.

Lets understand the Concept of Power and its calculation through the video

To understand the application of Power in different physical situations, follow the Example Videos given

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