PLZ…make me love!

The traditional rat-race, we all have always been a part of it since childhood. seems never ending now!. Now i really understand the meaning of “CUT-THROAT competition”, because at this point of life, I am on the verge of getting beheaded. And by none other than our glorious Educational system.

Study and score 90+ in your Xth,XIIth,degree,entrance exam and get a decent work experience of suppose some 2.5 years to get into a so called worth MBA institute. In short, slog if you want to survive in the industry. Please convince me to like this rigid system of ours whom we blindly keep on following.Why are they not giving admission just on the basis of someone’s ‘decent score’ ?? Why do they want to add up the school academics ?? Why do they ponder so much on having a work exp (ok i understand the logic behind it but still) Why are there only less reputed institutes in the country ? and why cant the other colleges match up to the divinity of B-schools? At least the sole purpose of education will be fulfilled.

Convince me that is this fair. Yes, one has to have an extravagant personality to handle the conventional MBA, but why has the focus deteriorated to just marks. Just a certificate or some numbers. It can’t define anybody’s credibility. Why does the system misses out on talent, creativity, personality, social responsiveness of the applicants ?? It saddens me to see the current trend , and its more saddening that i am part a part of it.

Lets fight the trend now, show off the little credibility that they see. Who knows what might work in our favour . Lets give the best of what we got, with the pinch of talent and a hint of creativity.