Playing Politics

I am elated due to the fact that Narendra Modi has finally formed the government. This was a historic election in many ways not only because these elections saw a departure from usual issues of Indian election but also because all dynasties, big and small, were left fighting for survival. I learned two new lessons though. Firstly, to drive a tectonic shift in government legislation, one not only needs presence in Lok Sabha but also in Rajya Sabha. Secondly, forming an opposition is not a challenge worthy of ignorance.

Reducing INC to a tally not sufficient to form an opposition is quite an opportunity that BJP can use to jack-up its Rajya Sabha strength which, as NDA, is just 25% with 5 seats vacant. One particular point of interest for BJP should be that Meira Kumari of INC, who was also the speaker of Lok Sabha, has lost her seat. Thus, a new speaker is required. The constitution states that in case no party can claim the status of opposition, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha decides on it. The Speaker himself/herself is chosen by the members of Lok Sabha.

At the same time, getting support of regional leaders such as Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, and Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa, in Rajya Sabha can work immediate wonders for BJP-led NDA. Firstly, both of them have been able to stand the Tsunamo and, therefore, can’t be taken lightly. Secondly, a surface alliance with these people with a secretive business transaction at heart can further boost his public image as an apotheosis for inclusion, leaving Modi-bashing an unprofitable profession, which can really turn tide, if history is any evidence, at times. Thirdly, with virtually no opposition left in the country, Modi can truly serve uninhibited. Fourthly, BJP can dangle to both these persons, the carrot of increased visibility and acknowledgement in Lok Sabha. Amateur analysts must have already got the wind of my proposition.

To quote a crusader-gone-mental: It’s no rocket science. BJP should make its own Lok Sabha Speaker, which in any case is the norm, and encourage AIADMK-BJD alliance to form an opposition in Lok Sabha in lieu of support in Rajya Sabha. It will not only stifle a Congress-AAP-JDU opposition alliance (I bet AAPtards have no knowledge of the secret negotiations) but also ensure BJP intimidating numbers in Lok Sabha with no practical opposition. Moreover, if the upcoming state elections fall in BJP’s lap (which they should), it will possess staggering numbers in Rajya Sabha as well. BJP will also hold the unique advantage of keeping Jayalalithaa under control by playing Patnaik as a remote control of the said alliance, and in case both go berserk, just threaten to snatch the status of opposition from under the feet of both. Finally isolated, we can only hope Mamta Banerjee will come around, else most people have already written-off West Bengal as a state that was.

While the said proposition will rattle the Delhi Based Media of the Queen and the intellectuals of Her Highness, it is really up to the people to judge and trust the man who they have till now. After all, we have been “smart” enough to dedicate this nation, its lives and its generations to the comfort of a family. Just what worse can we do?