Recently, Mr. Narendra Modi stated at a rally in Uttar Pradesh that “He will make UP a riot free state”. I want to raise a question here, not to the Mr.Modi but to the people of this state and this nation.

Is it possible for a state governed by MLAs who are more concerned about their stolen buffaloes than the people of Muzaffarnagar who were stolen of their own land and houses to make a riot-free state? Is it possible that these MLAs give attention to the displaced people of Muzaffarnagar?

I am in complete shock not because five separate teams were formed for the search operation of stolen buffaloes of MLA Azam Khan, but because I saw the latest footage of the riot victims who are still living in an abject condition. After seeing that heart sinking scene, a lot of questions knocked my brain.

Is the UP government and the Central government so incapable that they can’t provide these people with a solid shelter they can live in. Forget about shelter, can’t they at least provide these people with a clean lavatory system. I do know that these people don’t want to go back to their village out of fear, but can’t these people be accommodated in a better facility. Can’t a government which can form five special teams for finding the buffaloes and punish the local policemen who were on night patrol when buffaloes got stolen do something constructive for the people of its own state?

I know all the questions I asked are rhetorical. The problem does not lay with the government but it lays in the attitude of these people. I remember watching the rehabilitation of these victims on a news channel. People were asked to sign a paper by an NGO which stated that they are given 2 blankets, a comb, tooth-brushes, 2 packets of hair oil etc. These people signed the paper without even knowing what was written. But, they received nothing more than just a blanket.

It is not just the problem with these illiterate victims of Muzaffarnagar. The problem is also with us- the literate class. We don’t question the authority. We don’t have time to question these MLAs and MPs. Even in our day-to-day life we don’t even question our bosses even if we feel they are going wrong somewhere. The real problem, my friends, is that we accept what is happening to us. We lack the sheer courage to speak. We like “Playing it safe”.

So who is to blame, we or these politicians and bureaucrats who too are like us?