We have discussed the analysis of Satellite Motion in Circular Paths, in this article we will discuss about the motion of satellite in elliptical orbits. When a satellite is in a circular path, the gravitational force acting on it provides the necessary centripetal force for circular motion, and the satellite maintains the circular orbit at a specific orbital speed. If the speed of satellite increases or decreases during motion in circular orbit, then its path may transform to elliptical.

The elliptical path at a given speed for satellite at a specific altitude will launch it in either inward, or outward ellipse if the launch speed is less or more than the orbital speed. Watch the below video for detailed explanation for the same:

The motion of the satellite in any manner around a planet, or that of a planet around Sun, is always under the action of radial gravitational force, which is always acting toward the centre (planet or Sun). In this way, we can state that the net torque of gravitational force on the moving body (Satellite or Planet) is always zero, so the angular momentum of the satellite or the planet remains conserved during motion. Watch the video below for understanding the same:

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