Communication Satellites: These are used in broadcasting of information over the Earth surface at various regions. For a given satellite, if we draw the tangential conical surface of the Earth, with the satellite located at the vertex of the cone, then the area on the Earth’s surface is called the Broadcasting region of the satellite at an instant. To cover the basic understanding and analysis of communication satellites, watch the video below:

Geostationary Satellites: These are satellites which are deployed on the equatorial plane of Earth, which is the plane containing the Earth’s Equator, and which always appears to be at rest with respect to a point on the Earth’s surface. That happens because the angular speed of geostationary satellites is equal to that of the angular speed of rotation of Earth so this satellite will always maintain a position vertically above a point on the equator on Earth’s surface. These satellites have a fixed broadcasting region as these appear to be stationary from Earth. For understanding geostationary satellites, watch the video given below:

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