Physics for JEE 2016: Applications of Orbital Speed and Energy of Satellites

There are different ways in which problems are asked on orbital speed and applications of the energy of a satellite. Watch the example videos on very basic fundamental applications given below to develop a better understanding of concepts.

Solved Example 1: Calculation of Orbital speed and Period of Satellite Motion

Orbital speed can be calculated by the formula obtained and its period can be calculated by the ratio of orbital circumference to the orbital speed. See the video given below –

Solved Example 2: Ratio of Kinetic Energies of two different Satellites

If two satellites of same mass are revolving around a planet in two circular orbits of different radii, their kinetic energies will be directly proportional to the ratio of squares of their orbital speed. See the example video given below –

Solved Example 3: Shifting of a satellite in different orbit

When a satellite is shifted from one orbit to another, its total energy changes and the change in energy is the required work done in doing so. See the example video given below on this concept of shifting orbit of a satellite –