Change in Orbit of a Satellite: When a satellite is orbiting around the earth in an orbit of a given radius, and for some reasons we need to shift the satellite from one orbit to another, work is required to be done in such a situation. For an analysis watch the Illustration Video below.

Concept of Degenerated Ellipse: When a body is moving in the influence of gravitational field of a planet its path in general is regarded as elliptical and when a body moves directed in radial direction the trajectory can be approximated as ellipse with minor axis zero. The analysis of this situation is explained in the Example Video below.

Satellite hitting the Earth Surface: A satellite orbiting in a circular orbit around earth when changes its speed due to ejection of a rocket and finally hits the earth surface, the situation can be analyzed by using conservation laws. Watch the Example Video below for the detailed analysis.

Maximum height attained by a body projected from Earth Surface: When a body is projected from earth surface, its kinetic energy decreases and potential energy increases as it moves away from the centre of earth. Analysis of such a situation is explained in the below Example Video.

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