Petition to Javadekar against procedure for admission to IIMs

The IIM selection criteria for eligible candidates has been notoriously known to dishearten many 99.9 percentilers, by denying them admission despite impressive CAT scores. The supposed fault, according to these disheartened fellows, lies in the practice of considering previous academic scores for admission shortlists. In a bid to alter the current list of parameters for admission to IIMs, some CAT 2016 candidates have found respite in supporting a petition against the procedure. Two days ago, Ajay Agarwal, a 2016 CAT candidate started a petition online to base IIM admissions on CAT scores only. Little did he know that the petition would catch momentum so soon. 

As on January 17, morning, the petition to Human Resource Minister, Prakash Javadekar and Ashish Nanda, Director, IIM Ahmedabad, has found over 250 supporters. The goal of the petition is to receive 500 signatures before it is present to Javadekar (image below). 

Ajay Agarwal, the founder of the petition has explained his stand in the letter accompanying the petition. He says that a candidate with 99.9 percentile in CAT, but low marks in academics, will lose out to a person who has scored 96.1 percentile in CAT but has high marks in academics. This is mostly unfavorable to students from regional boards, as crossing 90% in regional exams is a rare feat. The issue of CBSE meting out higher marks to students as compared to regional boards, leading to high cut-offs in many courses every year, has been raised several times in the past. Ajay, too has sighted this issue in the purview of his letter. 

As per admission criteria in IIMs, currently, 20-30% weightage is given to a candidate’s board exam scores and work experience. Through the petition, Ajay has insisted that IIMs correct their faulty selection criteria and only consider CAT results followed by PI/WAT/GD for admissions. 

You can join the petition or follow it here