Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Same is the case with most of the engineering students, who often complain that their four years’ journey is mostly confined to assignments and exams. They have nothing practical to do. However, many students overcome this problem by filling the void with their passion for starting something new in various fields such as robotics, drone, cars, etc. It is, however, conditional. They can do it, but only if they get proper guidance.

Plash Monga, currently a final year student of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar, and his friends had started Perianth Racing in 2012. It aims at participating in SUPRA SAEINDIA event every year. This unique event challenges young minds to design Formula One type vehicle consisting of various subsystems, meeting desired specifications and maintaining safety standards. The event is called Virtual Supra, which consists of various stages such as design defence, multiple rounds of technical inspections and actual construction of vehicles. The event aims at testing certain qualities of its participants such as team spirit, structural design and modelling, choice of parts, fabrication, testing, entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills.

In 2015, team Perianth achieved 26th rank in the event and aims to better it next time around. The team consists of 30 members, including four girls. 

While the rest of the students will be at home enjoying their summer holidays, team Perianth will be busy preparing for their battle.

Wishing team Perianth all the best in their endeavour.

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