Perfect score in GRE: Mihir is one step closer to his childhood dream of studying in US

Mihir Joshi, a Mumbai boy, scored a perfect 340/340 in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) conducted in July 2016. With some self-study, and a lot of help from his brother, he shares his tale of success with PaGaLGuY.

I dreamed about studying in one of the top research institute in the United States of America since childhood. The only decision that had to be made was, ‘When should I go there?’; should I go for Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies, or PhD.

I spent the past two months preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), focusing on solving as many mock tests as possible, it helps to acclimatize for the test. My brother helped me with Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.

GRE is quite lengthy. I would recommend GRE candidates stay calm on the day of the test. There are six sections, and things can go wrong at any point of time. One should solve problems as they come, one by one. Utilise the breaks within the sections to calm down and relax, and then start afresh in the next section.

My interests lie in computers, and for my Masters degree, I am looking to specialise in Artificial Intelligence. I will apply at the Ivy League institutions, as well as some other colleges (to stay on the safe side); go for the Fall 2017 session. As of now, I have not applied for any scholarships, I will read about it and then apply.

After finishing my PhD, I will return to India and continue with my research alongside teaching.