Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is the influence from the peer group,that encourages others to change their attitudes,values,and hence somehow force them to emulate others by losing their own identity. Peer becomes an important influence during adolescence and it becomes the only experience with the peer group.They change the style,taste,appearance,ideology and values.And when the person stops their he thinks that what he was doing and why he was doing is only due to the influence of the peer that is the situation where the realization of the person to be someone who he was trying to emulate from the peer group starts which starts suffocating him.And then the need to understand himself starts.The person wants to understand what he is born for?,what he should do which makes him proud rather wealthy where he thinks that he should had seen inside him before running the rat race. I personally believe that in the hassle of todays time there is no time to stop and even understand what is going arround.The biggest reason is the patient which is lacking in everyone nowadays and eager to be at the top and making everything work as per their expectations without listening to anyone,without respecting anyone. The Peer pressure is making everyone to move with the fast pace.The pace which is unstoppable and urging everyone to move slightly ahead of others just for the sake to be at the top.They are doing this for the sake of their physical fitness with the utmost pressure they could hold on to. Rather their should be break from the education system or the curriculum should be designed such a way which should helps everyone to understand thyself and move ahead with the clear understanding of persuasions towards his life.