Part 2: LinkedIn alumni career insights for b-schools ranked 11-20

Following up on our previous article on the data about the alumni bodies of the top 10 Indian b-schools, here is a similar analysis for the next 10 colleges according to the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2013. Once again we reiterate that we are working with the assumption that statistics from large and active LinkedIn alumni groups is broadly representative of the career trends of these b-schools’ graduates. The alumni trends for the rank 11-20 b-schools are different from those of the top 10 with the introduction of job functions like Education and Research at colleges like TISS and IIM Shillong, showing that the alumni of these b-schools are joining academic professions.

Do play around with the interactive graphs and discuss trends that you observe in the comments. (All figures represent percentages within each alumni group.)

Data Source: Alumni groups

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