Part 1 – The Annoying Driver

No. Don’t Worry guys, This article is not about our friendly city bus drivers who drive like it’s their last day on earth.

This is about my IIT Roorkee road journey for my MBA interview.

Since I was staying in Jaipur that time and the distance of Roorkee from Jaipur is approx 500 kms , I Decided to travel like an executive (saved some money from job fortunately ? ) So instead of boarding a bus or a train (no flight as there is no airport In Roorkee) I booked a cab from Jaipur to Roorkee and back. There! I made the mistake of booking it from an unprofessional local cab agency (not taking names it since it may effect his earnings :P).

The interview was on Wednesday morning 9 am, so to keep an extra amount of time in hand i left on Monday night 10 pm so to reach campus on Tuesday and take some rest before the interview.

The nightmare started early. A 45+ dude short, fat, football-faced with a white cap on his head chewing some paan masala parked his Indigo outside my flat. I came down , he greeted me , did not handle my luggage . I asked him to put my luggage in the cab so he opened the boot space and started checking out his cell phone. I myself took hold of the luggage and placed it safely (No wonder who looked like a boss there).

Next, as soon as I sat inside , he zeroed the meter and asked me to check it. Then he opened the front seat’s window ( I was sitting on the back seat) without asking my permission (since it was the month of March and it was little cold). I asked him to close the window and he did that. After about half an hour, he told me that he was feeling hot so opening the window a bit. Since it was a night journey I decided to stay quite and let him be comfortable while driving.

The gush of air hitting the face reminded me of all the beautiful time i had spent in my life. The driver asked me if i had any problem if he played music. I said OK. So I was looking forward to the cool breeze cool music thing.Just when I heard something – ‘no way’ said my inner soul. He put on his mobile which looked more like a TV remote and that too a Chinese-make. THe sound was so bad that I felt some kids toys were blaring the music. I asked him to turn it off and start the music system instead but that It sounded like speakers was awful and so I asked him to turn it off and start the music system and Whoaa the music system was dead. To add to that he said he required music to keep himself awake.

Since there was no other option at that moment I decided to keep quiet. We had hardly travelled 40 kms from Jaipur by then. I slept despite the noise . Suddenly the music stopped and i woke up, I felt good but no it was too early to celebrate as it was a call on his cell phone and he was talking so loudly that the music felt better.

..To be continued

Next on what happened after reaching Delhi and the journey to Roorkee.