The world sees her as a normal person,

But that is because they do not know,

Normal is not a word anymore,

After the things, through which she had to go.

With a plastered smile,

She walks through these lanes,

Hoping to find a little shade somewhere,

From the wretched hailstorms of pain.

But it is not her fault,

As somebody stabbed her soul,

All that remained was a piece of flesh,

Speechless heart and eyes of coal.

Selfish, is this society which wished to be near her,

When she stood tall,

But left her, alone and wounded on the street,

When she did fall.

Some feel she’s a witch, a vixen,

Angry, emotionless and full of fiery rage,

Vengeance is all that she seeks,

Should be locked like an animal, in a cage.

But , just ask her once, what she is looking for,

And she’ll tell you that it is something else which she wants,

Just a simple answer to a question,

And happily, she’ll deal with the never-ending taunts.

To the satanic human, what she asks is

Why did you do that?

Did you gain anything?

Or was I just another feather in your hat?

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