Recalling one of my ex-colleague’s PJ which went like; “Duniya me teen tarah k dukhi hote hai. Ek khud k dukh se dukhi,dusra dusre k dukh se dukhi, teesra khaa-m-khaa dukhi.” Well, I found everybody in the third condition.


Me: Whassuppp guys ???

Reply 1: Lagi padi hai yaar !!! Fed up of 9 to 9 job !!!

Reply 2: Save me !!! Ghar waale meri shaadi karwa k maanenge.

Reply 3: Yet to get a job mann !!! Seems like the whole world is placed except me.

1(to 3): Maze lele jab tak placement nahi hota.

Me: But sitting idle at home is too frustrating.

3(to Me): Man, tell me about it!!! Even my parents have started taunting me.

2: Somebody please talk to my parents. Pleeezzzzz !!!

Me(to 2):Coming your place, this Sunday.

1(to 2): Me too coming. But why don’t you wanna settle down ??

2: Are You kidding me?? Settle down?? Leave. You “boys” won’t understand the family pressure over a girl to get married. Career always comes second to marriage for us. No such drama for you boys.

Me: (hate doing Boys v/s Girls fight but still) think other way round. Settling with career is not an option but eligibility criteria for us; I mean ‘boys’. We don’t have the family pressure to get married but we have to think of whole pressure of our own family after marriage. Not a compulsion for you “Girls”.

1(to Me):Dil jeet liya bhai. (to 3) Kahaan mar gaya ???

3: Here only mann. Nothing special !! No fun. No life.

1: Seriously dude ?? Your Dad has a full fledged business.

3:Cumm’on man, I can’t keep selling refrigerators and LEDs to people lifelong.

I wish it would be like this:

Me: Whassupp guys ???

Reply 1: Just came home. Routine day but I somehow managed to start gym.

2: And I managed to escape another almost-final-marriage-proposal.

3: Results waiting for 2 Walk-ins I appeared last week. Meanwhile helping my Dad’s business, unwilling though.

1 : Cool man. But if you are unwilling, ask your Dad if he permits you for practicing your passion for dancing.

Me: Gimme a partner and I’ll join Salsa sessions to give you a company. ?

2(to Me): Try me. But I need a favor in turn. You have to talk to my parents to stop showing me proposal pictures for another year or two. Me : Deal.

1: I’ll join for this noble cause of saving an abla naari.

2: Abla Naari ?? You are not entering my house next time. ?

1: Arre chill. First you try to sit and talk to them when they are actually in a mood to listen and not when they come to you with another picture. (to 3): Abe kahaan mar gaya ??

3: Nothing. was enjoying R….Rajkumar songs. Light stuff.

1: Enjoy your free time. 2(to 3):Are you really enjoying selling Refrigerators and LEDs.

2(to 3):Are you really enjoying selling Refrigerators and LEDs.

3: Already sold one to your Dad today. I did enjoy that one. ?

I wish !