Other side of that Glass Door

For most, life is smooth sailing, accepting what comes next and letting the herd push you, in this so-called race. Not for others. Not for me either.

Drowning academics from my first major exam uptill graduation. I was in a situation where thinking to get into an IT-MNC seemed impossible. Also, forgot to mention the crisis hit economy of the 2009. Well I was not alone, but with well below average academics and nothing major achieved ever to shine-my-CV-out, I was among the chosen few.

Though, I had an interest in coding (not sure if it was imposed by the environment), I always got an awesome feeling when those test-cases passed, miraculously. Never mind, that’s not the point here, as anyone hardly codes and hardly anyone codes, I know that, I talked to God once (chuckle). So, the dreams were crushed by the road-roller like expectations of life, when the result window of the 4th year BE ordered me to appear for an exam, a final time, after the 4 years period (period to my career).

However, I got through pursuing a CDAC course, soon after (1 year to be exact) and opened that Glass Door in a well known IT MNC. But, never thought those academics will haunt me again, until I chose to pursue a PG. Ha ha … I know. Even I might have chuckled the same way like my panelists did. But aren’t they professionals, atleast I acted one there. But, what can I do to correct that. I performed my heart-out in CDAC, joined an NGO, learned French and added other similar extra-curricular stints to the CV. However, those academics are still prominent, in my otherwise useless profile.

Took CAT, scored decent, have work-ex and hoping, that the Glass Door will open again, as a Manager.

Living by the self-made fact: “One’s achievement should not come easy, or his next ambition would be a waste for the society.”

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