Oriental Institute Of Management Director Talks About Initiatives Taken To Develop A Global Mindset

Q-1 What are the top challenges that you are currently working to solve for your institute this year?

A-1 The present world economics has thrown several challenges to business managers and leaders across the world, In order to overcome the forces of change, organizations are desperately looking for young & dynamic managers and leaders who have innovative approach and problem – solving skills and prominently, a global mindset. It is this challenge of developing a truly global mindset in our students that we are currently addressing and in this regard have introduced two key initiatives:

– Giving real life challenges and situation so that they develop their capability of overcoming the problem in real life also.

– Providing the option of various trainings that will leverage their competing capabilities in the market.

Q-2 What according to you have been your most significant progress your institute has made in the last one year?

A-2 MMS is a professional degree and it should train and groom the students to be true professionals to take on the challenges being faced in the business environment. With the profound efforts of our core planning team we have included number of training programmes as a part of Co-Curricular activity, an increased in extra and co curricular activities will surely play an important role in developing the quality of present and incoming students.

Q-3 What are the qualities you look for in an applicant when short listing for your final Selections?

A-3 The person must have the attitudes for management education along with the good spoken and written English Communication.

Q-4 What according to you is the one progressive change that you’d like to see in the management education scenario in the country today ?

A-4 To make management aspirants job ready and increase their Employability. This at Oriental Institute of Management we are doing by not only providing good academic with the latest and innovative methods for the overall development with the host of Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular activities to give them an edge to be better employable in the current competitive scenario.