Oops! I Flirted. Part-2 (Last Part)

“She is very lucky to have you,” Tanya was surprising me with the way she was talking to me.

“Why do you think so?” I asked whatever stuck to my mind.

“Every girl would like to have you as her dream-boy. You are so charming that set even my heart racing.”

Am I supposed to flirt with her or is she supposed to flirt with me? I thought

“Rashi hasn’t come yet. I should phone her,” I said to change the topic.

“I love you,” She said. I didn’t believe what my ears just heard but there she was. She talked to me for the first time and proposed me for love. I couldn’t take it for granted.

“Excuse me,” I said standing up to leave.

She held my hand and requested me to sit for a while.

“I know you’re Rashi’s boyfriend,” she said.

“I love her,” I said still standing.

“So what? We can do arrange marriage then,” she said signifying me to sit. I didn’t want to sit but I was curious to know what one had to do with arrange marriage when in love.

“What does arrange marriage have to do with it?” I asked as I sat again.

Aree darling it’s so simple, listen,” she poured some water into my glass.

What does she think of her? Does she think she will make me nervous that I’ll need to drink water for whatever she will make me listen?

“See, if I get to marry my boyfriend, the one I love then it’s love marriage; and if I get to marry someone else’s boyfriend, the one someone else loves then it’s simply an arrange marriage,” As she completed the sentence, she started laughing badly.

I drank the water she had poured into my glass. “Who is this girl?” I thought as at once she proposed me to marry her and now she was laughing on me as if I was a fool.

“Okay,” she said stopping her terrible laugh.

No longer could I bear my presence with her. I stood up and came out of the café.

“She doesn’t seem to be attracted,” Rashi said as I came out.

“I lost the challenge, now let’s go,” I said.

“Now that I have won so you owe me a treat. Let’s go in for having something.” Rashi held my hand walking into the café.

I didn’t want to go in as Tanya was still there. Rashi started finding an appropriate place to sit

“Hey, why don’t we join Tanya,” She didn’t wait for my response and moved toward Tanya.

“Hey Listen,” I stayed there murmuring and she had joint her.

She was signifying me to come faster to join them. As I sat, I saw Tanya was still laughing seeing me.

The next moment I saw Rashi joining her too in the laugh riot. They kept laughing for a while and I was at my wit’s end.

“So Mr. Flirter, You want to open your extraordinary flirting tips to us?” Tanya asked me. I wondered how she knew I used the word ‘extraordinary.’

They started laughing again. I didn’t say anything.

“Actually, your meeting with Tanya was preplanned. I had asked Tanya to tease you,” Rashi said.

“Ohh so who wrote this beautiful script in which the Hero turns out to be a victim,” I asked.

“She is the writer, Vibhu,” Tanya patted her back.

“Your script needs to be edited,” I forwarded my hand towards Tanya. “Let’s go for arrange marriage.”

We all burst out laughing.