Oops! I Flirted.

“You always order vanilla cappuccino,” Rashi said as I ordered.

We were in Café Coffee Day.

“I love vanilla,” I said.

We occupied a red couch. Rashi wore pink top and her earrings had matched with the top. Girls do like to match things.

“You remember Tanya? You met her last Sunday,” Rashi said sipping her coffee.

“Your model friend, right?”

“Hmm. She is sitting right behind you,” She said as I turned back.

“She is so cute,” I said just to tease her “See, how well she is interacting with her guy.”

Rashi started observing her. When they saw each other, they exchanged fake smiles.

“Don’t go on her cute face. She is not even worth being talked,” Rashi told me. I love it when I see a girl getting jealous of other girl.

“Why?” I asked.

“She is quite snobbish. She doesn’t give a damn to anyone as if she is a beauty queen or what.”

“Oh c’mon, every good looking girl is like her,” I said teasing her further.

“I never behave the way she does.” Rashi said.

“I am talking about good looking girls,” I said.

Rashi avoided the eye contact. She became sad for what I said. She didn’t look at me for a few seconds.

Aree you took it otherwise. You’re in the category of the best looking girls,” I said as she instantly smiled. Flirting always works.

She picked a tissue paper from the table, crumpled it and threw it to me.

Aah” I murmured as if it hurt me badly “Your eyes were enough to kill me and now you need something else too.”

“Why don’t you start a coaching institute where you can teach people how to flirt?” She was laughing.

“First, praise a girl and then get ready to be tagged as a flirter.” I said as she continued to laugh.

I pretended to make an upset face and started looking somewhere else. She, in no time, stopped laughing. Girls are Girls. They never know when a boy pretends to be upset. They shower all the love on you at that time.

“I am sorry,” she spoke slowly. There she was, trapped in my drama. It was her turn to shower the love on me.

“It’s okay,” I said as soon as she spoke ‘I am sorry’.

“What’s okay? I haven’t completed my sentence yet,” She suddenly went on a higher pitch.

“What?” I was perplexed.

“I-am- sorry,” she said having a pause among these three words “Don’t think I am going to say these three words,” She started laughing again. Girls are not always Girls. She might have known I wasn’t upset thus she unveiled it very cleverly.

“Cheater,” I pinched her cheek.

“Flirter,” She started it again.

“Okay I accept I flirt but I do it in an extraordinary manner,” I said.

“Would you enlighten me what you mean by extraordinary here,” she asked.

“I mean I can impress any girl. To be precise any girl I want can fall in love with me.”

“Is it so?”

“It is,” I said extending ‘is’ a bit.

“So you have to prove it,” She said.

“Anytime madam anytime.”

“Don’t get too excited. I will give you a chance soon,” Rashi said in a way she was really serious with me doing all this.

We left Café Coffee Day.

A few days later:

Rashi and I were hanging out in Oberoi Shopping Mall.

“Coffee?” She asked as she saw Metro café. The café had transparent glasses so that people walking past the café can clearly peep in what’s happening over the coffee.

“Sure,” I said walking towards the café’s direction.

“Stop,” Rashi said as we were about to enter the café.

“What happened?” I asked as she pointed to a girl sitting in the café. We were still standing outside of the café.


Aree, she is Tanya,” she said as Tanya was not facing us. I wondered how Rashi could recognize her from her back.

“If she is Tanya, then?” I said thinking what I had to do with her.

“You go and attract her by your extraordinary flirting,” Rashi said.

“Are you serious?” I said in a funny way. “I mean we just had fun that day. Do you really want me to do all this.”

“So accept you lose the challenge,” She said with tiring expressions.

“As you wish. Don’t blame me in future when I have two girlfriends,” I said entering the café.

“I will never blame. Go,” she said pushing me in. I had thought she would stop me but she was serious in a funny way.

“Hi Tanya,” I said as I approached Tanya. Rashi showed thumbs up standing outside of the café.

“Hi Vibhu,” Tanya said.

“Actually I was waiting for Rashi to come here,” I paused. “So I thought I should join you until then.”

“That’s fine. I was getting bored too sitting alone by the way,” She said as I drew a chair for me.

“Coffee?” she offered.

“Thanks. I just want to have a glass of water,” I said.

She called a waiter to get a mineral water bottle. The waiter brought a bottle with two glasses for us.

“So how is everything?” I asked.

I did say Rashi to attract any girl easily but only I know how uncomfortable I get when I talk to an unknown girl.

“Everything is fine. You say how it’s going with Rashi?” she said.

“It’s going nicely,” I said.

I had come here to attract her and now I didn’t have words to extend the conversation. I saw through the transparent glasses, Rashi was giving me a mischievous smile. I am lost, I wanted to say.

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