Only We Can Do It

The notion that we are human beings gives us superiority over animals and dignity to live a life which has a reasonable and senseful cause,which understands humanism in true sense, which peruses the feelings of others as fraternal one,which employs witticism for the concern of mankind, which is above all descriminations and which ensures a coordial society. But even the luster of modernism and tech advancement has not filled the gape but instead paved the way for blind eyes, ailed mind and impure hearts.Which enlightens our lives is also eroding in others’ perspective. We don’t have time to look inside us and watch our actions.”One swallow doesn’t make a summer” yes, this is a fact but “Drops of water makes the ocean” ,this is another true fact. Our concrete notion and our own perspective of viewing the world may eventually alter the world and make it like heaven. I want to point to the various incidents that are prevailing in various walks of our lives and degrading the value of our nation. Some happenings over the last year like rejection of two married girls from admission into schools, rape of a tenant(a college going girl) by the landlord, recording video tapes of the Preeti Pramanik’s medical tests, incident of beating foreign students or exposing the pictures, live video of Guwahati rape case or rape and slaughter of a girl in public bus , saints in the form of rapist or whatever else- all marred the spirits of calling ourselves as of indian origin. And these are nothing, innumerable incidents go unnoticed…

The common folk as well as media have been more interested in exposing rather than honestly heeding on their duties. India of our dreams can’t be culprit in her own eyes. We should accept the fact that we are responsible and we can’t keep our mouth turned because someday we may become the victim as it is viciously disrupting our society. This is just an initiative to judge ourselves as how good we are to the one and another in our society and how we view the world around us. God is within every individual and we know that HE is great. Just watch our actions and the world will be a paradise. We wont be irritated or irate on seeing the newspapers or we wont feel insecure when sending some close ones at distant. But for these, some concrete steps are needed and that can’t be done by Amir khan or Medha patekar…only we can do that.

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