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Did you know that historically the two year MBA was the standard program in USA while the one year MBA is more popular is Europe?
The Harvard Business School in 1908 started the two-year full time MBA program, which till date remains popular in USA and has been adopted by countries like India. The one-year MBA, first offered by Insead in 1959, is more popular in Europe and has recently been gaining interest in India. Both the programs are designed for students to enhance their exposure to business fundamentals and achieve a successful career

Below are 5 things to keep in mind for a one-year program –

  • Not to be confused with Executive MBA programs – Executive MBA programs are meant for aspirants with more than 5 years of experience. These are available in varying formats – full time, part time, distance. Most of these programs are meant for executives who are well established in their careers and do not need placement support. A regular full time one-year MBA program is comparable to a regular full time two year MBA program, both in terms of industry acceptance and course rigor.
  • Work Experience – One year programs are typically career accelerator programs that enhance and develop previous relevant experience. These programs are known to accept diverse work profiles with open arms. What this really means is that in a risk averse society like India, these programs provide an unparalleled opportunity to pursue one’s dreams. Admission to a one-year program is more dependent on the strength of one’s profile than an entrance exam score. Thus a huge majority of students in the one year programs are achievers with demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Peer Group – As already stated above, the peer group in most one year programs is rich with leadership and corporate experience. Thus the peer to peer learning experience in these programs is phenomenal. Students draw from their professional experience to add practical insights to the concepts taught.
  • Placements – Job opportunities for both one-year and two-year programs are at par, globally. Employers do not prefer a one-year format over a two-year format and vice versa. However, they do consider previous work experience at the time making the placement offer.
  • Return on Investment – Given the course duration, the opportunity cost of a one-year program is less than half that of a two-year program, the return on investment is meaningfully higher. Not only is the candidate away from the job market, i.e. without income for shorter period; the candidate also has the benefit of one-year salary post qualification.

All of the above have contributed greatly to the increasing interest in one-year MBA programs in India.

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