On the name of god

I was watching “Lincoln” and argument of one congressman during the discussion in congress on 13th amendment drew my attention. It was something like that “We are trying create law to give equal status to those whom god has created unequal” and there was huge applaud on that statement.

God has created unequal???? First question that popped up in my mind was how the heck he knows that, did god tell him that?

One quick retrospect on my life and I could see this very simple fact that how on numerous occasions I have heard such statement in my life. How many people have tried to justify their act by telling it’s a natural order created by god? Natural order like position of women, black people, SC, ST etc.

“On the name of god let’s kill the infidel”, “we are on holy mission to eradicate dirt from society”, “god has instructed me to carry his word to the masses”, “God has shown me the righteous path”, “God wants us to build this temple”, “God wants us to throw these sinners out”, “God has created you like that so don’t forget your position” etc. What the hell have we become, and on the name of whom? Someone who resides in our imagination, some who has been planted in our consciousness in different form through different religious concept?

In our one tiny insignificant life how many acts we have actually justified on the name of god?

Of course, it is countless. We have been doing it since the ancient time.

Invasion of foreigners -concept of survival, on the name of god.

Extension of empire with countless war by dynasty such as Maurya, Gupta, Hunas, Sakas-on the name of god.

Holy war, crusades, Religious extension through war and invasion – on the name of god

Colonialism in garb of educating racial inferior people by racial superior people- on the name of god

Racial extermination by Nazis and others – on the name of god

And present, numerous wars, terrorism, communalism etc – all on the name of god

If you just try to count wish of god you would be amazed by the caprices and contrast wishes of our gods. We the people of earth planet who try to carry wishes of god have actually no idea about what they are and what they are doing.

We are just some abominable creature who tries to justify their heinous acts by aligning it to wishes of some super natural whom we have never, seen, heard or felt. By doing this we capitulate, both in terms of taking responsibility and taking accountability. It gives us satisfaction to think that our act is not our but part of some greater design of greater good by some great power.

We are deemed to be intelligent creature and supposed to think and act by our own mind. So why pretend?

So please by the name of god stop piggy backing god to achieve your own means

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