Officials confirm, candidates without aadhar card will not be able to register for JEE 2017

In the first notification for JEE 2017 (Joint Entrance Examination), the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said that an aadhar card is a mandatory requirement to take the exam. If any candidate does not have the card, he/she won’t be able to register for JEE 2017. There is a very good possibility that not all JEE aspirants will have the card. How can these students apply for JEE 2017?

PaGaLGuY spoke to an official from CBSE’s JEE unit, he said, “JEE aspirants have enough time to register for aadhar card, it takes about two weeks’ time, and the registration process close on January 3, 2017.” However, the Unique Identification Authority of India’s (UIDAI) portal says the process takes 90 days, and the helpline gives an estimate of anywhere between 90 to 120 days. 

When IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), and NIT (National Institute of Technology) officials from the Ministry of Human Resource Development were asked why the aadhar card is compulsory for JEE 2017 and how will a student register if he/she doesn’t have the card, they did not have an answer. However, the official from JEE unit, said, “It will bring uniformity as the system is same for all Indian citizens. Candidates will only carry one type of ID card even during examination.”

As of now, students will not be allowed to fill JEE 2017 registration form without the aadhar card. PaGaLGuY will stay in touch with the officials, and keep you updated if and when they come up with a plan B, and make provisions for JEE aspirants without the aadhar card. Let us know in the comments if you do not have an aadhar card.