NTPC school of Business was privileged to have Dr Santhoshkumar P – Head HR (Corporate Functions &Head- TA,L&D), Operational Excellence (CGPISL-erstwhile Crompton Greaves Limited) having an interaction with our students on “People Challenges and Opportunities in Power Sector”

The various challenges in power sector like demand supply gap, the availability of fuel and the quality, capacity underutilisation and energy storage were briefly discussed upon.

As invariable as it sounds, a company is not solely focused on technical aspects but the trend has shifted more steeply towards customer satisfaction. The final results in any company are purely dependent on Customer satisfaction. It is also to be noted that to be successful, he/she needs to be competent and equally should have a good character. The aspect of character develops inside you when no one is watching over you.

Human resource concepts were discussed and some of it are about the leadership style, the concept of ‘’buy vs. build”, succession planning, compensation to employees and appraisal programmes. The more challenging your work is, it is said the more motivated you get to do your work and so is equally important the job security the company offers you.

To conclude we may ask ourselves this question every time before we take up a leadership role, which is “why should others follow you/listen to you?” We need to be on our toes, needs to be different from others in simple terms may sound as probable answers but it is up to us to find the answer to that question. The more clarity we get on the above question, the more will be our chance to succeed in our ventures

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