Noted Sonam Gupta Bewafa makes a special appearance in IIT Guwahati exam paper

Students at IIT Guwahati were shocked as well as amused to see a question on Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai, staring at them from their exam paper. Okay, Sonam Bewafa has had an iconic run post the demonetisation in the country but to find her in an Electronics and Electrical paper was quite something else.

Third semester students were asked to solve a probability question concerning Sonam Bewafa last week and ever since the meme has got a new lease of life on the campus. Students and faculty have been talking non-stop over what they term as a funny shock.

The question carried 11 marks and asked the students to “determine the probability that Sonam Gupta is bewafa.” It was no wonder that post the examination, students clicked pictures of the question and got it roaring all over social media.

Students say that the question coming from a professor who is otherwise quite a happening person was not entirely out-of-the-blue. “The professor who set the question is known for his cool behavior on campus. He is different from all other professors. His outlook to life is not like any other,” said Animesh Jain, a third year Civil Engineering student at IITG.Dean of Student’s Affairs, IITG, Prof. Chandan Mahanta said he too was taken aback when he saw the question. “In IITG, students often get these questions associated with real life ongoing incidents. It makes them take interest in the questions while keeping the core of the question intact,” said Mahanta.

Animesh adds that the news has travelled fast in his campus as well as other IITs and it feels good to have a presence all over social media.

However, the person who should be given the entire credit of making students come out of an examination hall smiling, is Prof Amit Sethi, Associate Professor of Electronics and Electrical Engineering department.

We, at PaGaLGuY think it was a cool idea too.