No Chinese food or girlfriends, say IIT students to JEE aspirants

The two-hour break between Paper 1 and 2 of JEE Advanced isn’t a long one. The idea is to give candidates some time to relax after racking their brains in attempting the tedious three-hour-long Paper 1, refresh and prepare to take Paper 2 head-on. However, most students spend this time fretting and fuming over what they have done in the paper and panicking over all that they could not do. 

But how to make most of this time? 

Coaching classes and parents usually advise students against studying during the break. Many aspirants have sought advice from students who have taken JEE in the previous years. And social media forums are flooded with recommendations from such students. These pieces of advice are either good tips or weird ones and it is left to a student’s discretion to follow or ignore them. 

Like one of the students from IIT Bombay on Quora has asked students to avoid eating Chinese food for lunch as it will make them thirsty during the second paper. Another one has cheerfully bragged saying, “I ate a pizza from Domino’s and got 152 in Paper 2. Eat whatever makes you feel comfortable.” A third student gave a rather serious advice about not thinking or speaking to one’s girlfriend during the break. Some other weird bits of advice include not drinking water so as to avoid wanting to pee, and sleeping in the classroom so that the peons wake you up before the next paper. 

No matter how weird or hilarious the top AIR rankers and current IIT students’ advice may be, it may still seem credible to many.