NITIE placements 2011: Cognizant and Yes Bank highest recruiters

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National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai completed its combined placement process for 328 students across four post-graduate programs. Three-quarters of the batch secured operations management, consulting and IT roles.

Amazon India was the highest paying domestic recruiter offering a package of Rs 19.5 lakhs for an operations management profile while OLAM International was the highest international recruiter with an annual package of USD 150,000 for a general management role. At 13 offers each, Cognizant Technological Solutions (CTS) and Yes Bank were the largest recruiters.

Batch Strength 328 Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM) 201
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE) 96
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management (PGDISEM) 13
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management (PGDITM) 18
Students opting-out of placements 11 PGDIM 3
Effective number of students for placements 317
Total number of companies 82
Number of companies that made offers 82
Total number of offers 361
Offers/student 1.14
Highest domestic salary Rs 19.5 Lakhs
Highest international salary Rs 66 Lakhs (USD 150,000)
Average salary Rs 12.97 Lakhs (Includes international offers)
Median Salary Rs 10.62 Lakhs (Includes international offers)

A total of 82 companies made offers during the placements. There were 28 Pre-placement offers (PPOs) made by companies like Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Proctor and Gamble (P&G;) , Tata Motors, Citibank, among others with 26 offers being accepted. Eleven students across the four programs opted out of placements, with three from the PGDIM program, seven from PGDIE and one from PGDITM programs respectively. The PGDIE and PGDITM students were industry sponsored candidates who returned to their parent organizations while the three PGDIM students opted to start their own businesses.


As many as 78 students managed to get jobs in this sector. Companies like Tata Motors, Schneider Electric, Tata Steel, Daimler and JSW were some of the prominent companies in the manufacturing sector that made offers to students. Most of the jobs offered were for marketing, operations and logistics profiles. This sector also saw 5 international offers with IFFCO and VVF offering jobs in the Emirate of Dubai. Tata Motors also offered corporate sustainability reporting roles to NITIE’s niche PGDISEM program.


FMCG sector was also a big recruiter, with 66 students opting for roles with various FMCG companies. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) offered profiles in Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology (IT) whereas Proctor and Gamble (P&G;) made offers for supply chain management and customer business development roles. Reckitt and Benkiser offered a logistics profile in addition to marketing roles. Other FMCG companies like ITC, Colgate Palmolive and Johnson and Johnson, Food and Beverages companies like Pepsi, Nestle, Cadbury and others like L’Oreal, Godrej and Asian Paints also recruited NITIE students for sales and marketing, operations and supply chain profiles. P&G; was the highest recruiter in this sector with 10 offers. Companies like Johnson and Johnson and Asian Paints also offered environment health and safety (EHS) profiles to PGDISEM students.


The highest paying domestic recruiter Amazon, was from this sector. Amazon gave out seven offers, with five offers being given to PGDIM students, and one offer each given to PGDITM and PGDIE students. Operations management roles were offered to all the selected students. Dell offered an analytics profile while other IT companies like Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, ITC Infotech among others recruited for marketing and operations roles. A total of 54 students across all programs opted for jobs in the IT sector.


The consulting sector was represented by Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PWC), Ernst and Young (E&Y;), Bristlecone and Capgemini. GEP consulting made three offers in supply chain consulting while Cognizant and Accenture offered IT consulting profiles. Cognizant was the highest recruiter in this sector with 13 offers closely followed by Accenture with 12. Companies like KPMG and E&Y; gave offers in niche consulting sectors like Corporate Environment Health and Safety (EHS) consulting, Manufacturing EHS consulting and Climate Change and Sustainability Consulting for PGDISEM students.

Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)

Yes Bank was the highest recruiter in this sector and tied with Cognizant as the highest overall recruiter, with 13 offers. Yes Bank offered roles in corporate finance, corporate and institutional banking, commercial banking, risk management and debt syndication. British banking giant Barclays offered risk management, strategy and product development roles. Standard Chartered offered roles in wholesale banking and GE offered a financial management profile. Other prominent BFSI recruiters were Citibank, HSBC, JPMC, Edelweiss, Deutsche Bank and ICICI Bank. A total of 38 students opted for roles in the BFSI sector.

Other Sectors

Telecom majors like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular and Pharmaceutical companies like Glenmark and GSK also participated in the placement process, with 29 students opting for jobs in these sectors. Olam International, offered 4 international roles and was the highest paying international recruiter.

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